How to take part

Our workshops cater for all abilities, ages and interests.

Costs are subsidised by our fundraising efforts.

The Art of Song Writing 

Song writing is an art which flourishes over many years of practice – however with a little guidance and just a few tips and tricks, anyone can take their song writing to the next level. By learning essential skills passed down from professionals and the writing greats, these workshops will excel the participant’s confidence to write songs they are proud to share.

Music Memories

Music can lift our depression, move us to tears and for many people music has therapeutic effects for neurological conditions like Alzheimer’s and Dementia. Music memories take a relaxed, format mixing music appreciation and reminiscence to create a podcasting format unlocking our stories, reminding us of how music, people and places come together to create magic memories. Conversations are recorded alongside participants’ favourite music to create a radio broadcast-like format for posterity.

Virtual Reality Music Explorations

Virtual Reality is the latest technology to be explored in accessible music-making and pioneered by Drake Music NI. Suitable for small group work, one-to-one sessions, one-off interactive pilot sessions and longer workshop programmes. Programmes are tailored towards designing and performing in virtual reality. Using popular technology like the Oculus Quest 2, learn to create your own musical environments and stretch both your body and imagination as we explore exciting ways of playing music in versatile virtual environments. 

Electronic Music Production & Recording

Music production & recording is readily accessible with a range of hardware & software to make it accessible for all abilities.

Learn a life skill that can be used independently to unleash the creative individual. Electronic music production courses can cover:

-The basics of a DAW (digital audio workstation) understanding Audio & Midi, how to program beats, and how to use samples and effects to create music.
-Advanced Music production workshops, learn how to compose, arrange & mix songs. (This can be broken down into 2 courses Production & Arrangement and Mixing)

Learn how to DJ

Introduction to DJing.
– Learn how to set up decks, cue tracks, beat-match, mix, perform and record live mixes.

Exploring Musical Instruments 

With over 1,500 instruments around the world, the average musician barely scratches the surface of instrument discovery. In these fun and engaging workshops, participants will be introduced to new, old, and very unique instruments to learn about and try. The focus will be expanding knowledge on little known instruments, as well as having the opportunity to put them to the test themselves..

Exploring Musical Genres

This workshop focuses on the diversity in different genres of music. Exploration of these genres would include listening to songs, watching performances, learning the history and origin of the genre, and investigating instrumentation and compositional structure. Participants can guide the workshop with song and artist suggestions to listen to as a group, as we discover a new appreciation for music together.

How much does it cost?

We are a registered charity, and not a business aimed at making profits. Our reason for being is to be able to offer accessible creativity for people with all natures of abilities, with costs not being a limiting factor for participation.

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