Instrument building

If an instrument or switch doesn’t work well enough for you, we will build something that does!.

Participant wearing VR gogle and joysticks, tests newly built accessible virtual instrument, while standing up. The tutor and designer Damian Mills is sitting in front of a computer, where you see the musician's point of view. Indoor, studio at SARC - Queen's University, Belfast.
Participant tests a newly built accessible virtual instrument on a VR headset, designed by the tutor Damian Mills at SARC – Queen’s University, Belfast.

Instrument Building – designing for independence

Research & Create is our series of developmental workshops addressing a wide variety of problems and solutions. Musicians with disabilities are integrated with designers to co-design accessible and DIY digital musical instruments, build quick and user-informed prototypes that are then developed through an interactive design process into robust devices that can be used as customised musical instruments in workshops. Aiming for independent control of music creativity, our build workshops include the use and exploration of virtual reality environments for inclusive music making, and ongoing partnership research with our Performance without Barriers team in collaboration with Queens University Belfast.