Fully inclusive workshops at our hubs or a venue of your choice.

Musician Tim smiles at the camera, while playing Roland TR-8, accompanied by his carer, who smiles at him.
Musician Tim Leathem plays the drum sequencer Roland TR-8

Workshops – designed for inclusion

Our workshops take place as community projects and ensemble provision at any of our three studios: Newry, Belfast and Derry. They also take places with our partner organisations such as at Sonic Arts Research Centre, Queen’s University Belfast or at an Ableton Live event. We also provide workshops in SEN/D schools and centres and care homes linked to the health trusts operating across Northern Ireland2. We deliver extensively at regional and local arts and community centres. We can also provide 1-to-1 tuition to individuals in their homes or in our studio spaces.

Music for All workshops and ensemble activities are our core workshop and ensemble activity throughout the year, where musicians with disabilities are given the opportunity to explore their own creativity in one-to-one workshops, in groups or small ensembles where physical abilities are matched to create real time performance ensembles, non-real time composition groups and solo creative workshops. Our workshops run as part of our mainstay program of Music For All to give access to participatory music making for musicians with all natures of disabilities, and with combinations of disabilities, using state of the art commercial music technology, specialist accessible music technology devices or bespoke and custom-built DIY musical interfaces we build in-house.