How much does it cost

We are a registered charity, and not a business aimed at making profits. Our reason for being is to be able to offer accessible creativity for people with all natures of abilities, with costs not being a limiting factor for participation.

Group Session

We can work with large or small groups, and ask a contribution to the costs of the team we put in place – get in touch for your own tailored solution to accessible music making with us.

Individual Session

If you would like a session with a tutor as a one-to-one set-up, with undivided attention and creativity, we ask for a contribution to costs when based in our studio workshops in Newry or Belfast, and a little more if the tutor has to travel to your home. Get in touch for chat about your preferences and solutions to get creative with us.

Training Session

If you would like lessons in instruments, in studio set-up, in DJ training, or many other options that we have to offer, get in touch and we can chat about a tailored solution for your creative activities. As a charity, we will always be asking only for a contribution to the costs that it takes for us to deliver a professional and tailored workshop for you.

Contact us to chat about your group, yourself or your hopes for a music workshop, and with a small contribution to our overall costs, you will be making music in no time!