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Wide shot of the two musicians,Tim and Marylouise, accompained by their family member Chirs and Michelle. They all look attentive to the tutor Henrique during a  
Wired Ensemble Session at Drake Belfast's studio.
Wired Ensemble Session at Drake Belfast’s studio

Ensemble Series – designed for integration

Our weekly ensemble series, the second of our flagship artistic programmes, is based at all three of our studio sites and outreached from these across Northern Ireland – where our musicians are afforded access to workshops and ensemble activities with their peers with and without disabilities, levelling the playing field and affording peer association, empowerment and the breakdown of all barriers and where only creative ability, and not disability are the measured parameters between the participants.

Musicians in workshops of varied age-appropriate groupings with and without disabilities will be enabled to achieve their full potential, composing, and performing independently alongside their able-bodied peers. A direct outcome of this approach witnesses an improvement in essential skills Рindependence, self-worth, social integration, equality, and inclusion. All our work is delivered within the community and involves carers, therapists, volunteers, parents, support workers and peers, the opportunity for community-based learning and inclusion is encouraged and builds the community’s capacity to form integrated music ensembles.

Making ability the creative issue promotes tolerance and creative inclusion.